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No matter how effective and long-lasting the construction of your management is, if you don’t have access to appropriate space and structure then your business has to rely heavily upon the supplies used. In order to achieve the best results, you need to work alongside potential building materials trading companies in UAE that can help you provide world-class supplies. This will effectively be a profitable deal to fulfill the requirements of your construction project and this is what Qasser Babil has initiated a decade ago
When it comes to addressing the construction needs and demands of our clients, we assure our clients to deliver top of the line products. Being the leading building materials supplier in Dubai, we will take complete responsibility for safely delivering your shipment. Ever since we came into operation, we have tried hard to establish our position in the transportation sector and have achieved remarkable success in becoming the region’s leading building materials supplier and we have achieved all this in over a decade

Most Reliable, Reputable, and Trustworthy building materials suppliers in Dubai

At Qasser Babil, we assure our clients of strict quality checks and shipment processing gateways. With over 75,000 products and value-added services, we are guaranteed to meet the needs and fulfil the demands of your construction business.

We Guarantee The Best Value For Your Money

There are a number of things that we take pride in, but delivering sturdy, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting products comes under the top tier. We have maintained the quality over the years and offer the best prices possible. We call it our priority when clients hand us their parcels/cargo/materials. We then take the charge to safely deliver it to the location assigned and that too with much passion and dedication to satisfying our clients. To date, we have concluded several prestigious projects that happened because of the trust that the clients have in us. We are proud and would love to boast of sourcing supplies for high-status projects like Dubai International Airport and the Burj Al Arab.
So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for the best building materials trading companies in UAE, then the doors of Qasser Babil are wide open for your association. Get in touch with us @ or else you can contact us at +971 56 190 8915. We will be waiting for your call.

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