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Qasser Babil is one of the leading fruits and vegetables trading companies operating in the Middle East. We deal with high-quality and high-grade fruits and vegetable delivery across the globe. We have been operating for over a decade now and to date, we have expanded our reach to over 70 countries. Being a reputed trading company, we have the expertise and knowledge regarding the shipment of perishable goods/products. Our quality team ensures that no harm will be caused to the shipping during the process of transporting.

Over the years we have delivered 150+ varieties of fruits and vegetables and thereby outsourced our competitors. We deliver shipment all over the world and distribute from east to west and north to south. We bring regular improvements with our top-notch distribution network and work hard to strengthen our supply chain management. Our cost-effective and timely transportation has allowed our clients to have faith in our service. This way we reach far and wide with an undisputed supply of fruits and vegetables
Our continuous growth and stability has crafted the best of results and to date we stand high for our past and present clients. We offer a range of shipping services, no matter if you want to export/import fruits or vegetables, we deal with road, air, and waterways. This makes sure that your shipment will reach its destination by or before the assigned date.
We even have tie-ups with the leading fruits/vegetables growers across the world. This encourages us to stand tall to our reputation and commit for the best possible outcome. Our fruits and vegetables trading companies in Dubai has earned the rights to be referred to as the industry giant. Our continuous success is the proof of our strong determination and teamwork that has helped us to reach the stage we are today.

At Qasser Babil, we can understand the taste if you try out some exotic fruits and veggies. That is why we are here to fulfill your desire. We are the best trading services in UAE. If you want to access the benefits of our service then you have to get in touch with us at

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